Film Shoot Events

Film is an art form that has fascinated people all over the world for a century. In 1885 the brothers Lumière showed a 50 second long clip of the arrival of a train in the train station La Ciotat. Some people were so afraid that they fled the theatre. Born was the cinema with its many different genres. Now you have the opportunity to see a different side of film by delving into the wonderful world of dreams, fears and joy.

…we will make a film crew out of your team…

We will make your team into a film crew and challenge you with a completely new role. No matter if you’re the camera man, the lead actor or an extra – everyone can find the perfect job on a film set. With the help of our professional support, your film shoot will be a unique experience and a high quality movie will be the end result. Your team will be challenged and good collaboration will be of the utmost importance. So what are you waiting for: Quiet on set, rolling, action!


"Der Qualitätsanspruch von MAN ist sehr hoch. Daher stellen wir auch einen hohen Anspruch an unsere Partner. Die Firma Zeisch hat unsere Forderung im vollsten Masse erfüllt.  

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